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Cutting Tolerances


Tolerance Advice:

Please fully unwrap you foam as soon as it is delivered allow it to settle for 24hours Prior to checking tolerances. Report size related issues within 48 hours. Do not allow foam to remain wrapped for prolonged periods as it can permanently shrink or compress below normal manufacturing tolerances .

Shrinkage can sometimes be reversed by simply stretching the foam slightly. Foam is elastic in nature its dimensions are not fixed as foam is a stretchy and playable medium.


For all foam grades the following applies 


Thickness +/- 5 mm (Please note this can be more of an issue when cutting thickness less than 50mm)

Length & Width :

1cm in every 120 cm

Firmness & Density:

Firmness & Density are calculated on the basis of a full uncut block approximatively 200 cu/cm they are an average through out the block, it is to be expected that Individual cuts may vary in firmness and density. This is perfectly normal and common to all suppliers. Orders of multiple cuts may be produced from different blocks.

Dacron wrapped Foam :

Please note Dacron has max usable width of 100cm Not recommended for use on memory foam as it will compromise the memory properties of the memory foam . Dacron can be with memory foam if being used for a back cushion where its inherent softness is the primary reason for its usage


Stockinette :

Please note we can fit stockinette up to maximum 1.5 m in width Min 5cm thickness however its a one a size fits all stretchy medium so on smaller size cuts the stockinette may not be a tight fit If you pay for stockinette that can not be fitted within this tolerance we will send you the amount paid for. Stockinette being hand fitted may increase the thickness of foam at its fixing point due to the foam being slit to accommodate tucking of the stockinette to produce a clean finish

Memory Foam:

All measurements are approximate due to shrinkage and expansion due to temperature.Please note memory foam orders above 180cm x 200cm will require to be joined. If this is the case please notify us asap how you would like it to be joined. Memory foam is only available in 1″ 2″ or 3″ thickness or metric equivalent. Order in multiples of these thicknesses will be laminated.
where this is not possible due to the thickness chosen we will cut to the nearest 1″

50/50 Split Products:

Customer ordering a 50/50 split dog bed should be aware that memory foam come in 1″ 2″ 3″ or metric equivalent thickness and should therefore order an overall thickness that reflect this. We reserve the right to amend orders to the nearest 1″ or 2.5cm if we can’t tessellate the order exactly due to the sizes provided.

Budget Foam:

This grade of foam is unsuitable if you require exact sizes (see above tolerances) We cut this foam to the nearest inch or 2.5cm however thickness can be variable within 2.5cm . This foam is made from off cuts left over from production each item will be in one grade but may be discolored and or joined. Various grades can be used to make up a single order. We can not guarantee the grade of foam sent nor its suitability for any application.


Foam is highly photo sensitive and may diss-colour due to light penetration.

Foam Smell :

Please note foam has a distinctive odour this is completely normal and will disperse in time given suitable ventilation. Some customer may also find themselves intolerant to the small .No liability is accepted for any discomfort caused.

Sheet size :

Foam block varies in size. Please note if you require larger than standard sheet size we will supply in constituent parts. Sheet size vary from grade to grade

Foam grade Substitution:

We may on occasion substitute the grade chosen with a higher density or a grade of a different colour when the firmness and density remain equal to the original customer choice


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